Through a Photographer’s Eyes – Part 3

This is the third part of my journey creating my book on Heritage craftspeople here in the UK, it’s taking me all over the country, and I’m meeting some truly inspirational people. These entries tell a little about my day, where I went, what I did, and gives you a flavour of how where you go and what you see colours and inspires the creative side of the photography. Please follow the blog if you stumble across this post.

Shoreditch Graffiti Mural #London

Shoreditch Graffiti Mural #London

So, this time, London. East London to be exact, in the heart of trendy Shoreditch where lies the studio of Hanson’s of London. A neat, clean space which oozes contemporary urban sophistication, brick walls. She has a bright live/workspace which is smartly embellished with some terrific objects of past industry from an old film spotlight to a small calf-height wheeled “truck” from a railway now given new life as a coffee table (which I shamelessly coveted!). I’ve some delightful shots of Aine Hanson making her beautiful handmade and rather delicious leather bags. From concept and design on paper, to carving the leather, skiving (and I don’t mean she nipped off away from the job, but it  is a technical word for thinning leather with a groovy gadget, you’ll have to wait for the photo of all these traditional tools!) and sewing the leathers together.

Shoreditch Graffiti Mural #London

Shoreditch Graffiti Mural #London

Shoreditch is one of those places in London, which if you haven’t been back or seen that area for a while, always surprises. It’s full of art and creativity, artist studios, a place where you feel innovative collaboration is easy and welcomed. Galleries, relaxed and independent coffee bars, boutique shops, everything from the recycled and antique to cutting edge design and some absolutely brilliant photography. I seem to have found myself there on and off with the uber trendy peeps at FujiUK, Towergate Camerasure, Genesis Imaging and the AOP. If you haven’t been for a while, take yourself off there. It’s a good excuse to treat yourself to an afternoon on a sofa in one of the bars and a something totally individual and unique in your home.

Hanson of London

Aine Hanson of Hanson of London

Aine Hanson of Hanson of London

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2 thoughts on “Through a Photographer’s Eyes – Part 3

  1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for mentioning us! We’re glad you enjoyed your time in Shoreditch. We recommend Fulham as a lovely place to visit too (possibly a bit bias as we’re based there!). Thanks again!

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