Review – From Card Players to Fishing Vessels. “Paper Works”, an exhibition by the SGFA

SGFA RK Burt Gallery

SGFA RK Burt Gallery

Labouring my way in this exceptional London heat, I tango through the chaos of Borough Market, past commuters, porters, young lovers with ice creams and seem to almost float into the cool white walls of the RK Burt Gallery on Union Street. Every exhibition I’ve attended of the SGFA has always proved interesting, prices are good and there is always something which catches my eye (and wallet!). Today was no exception, the exhibition which runs until the 26th July 2013 is entitled “Paper Works” and indeed celebrates all manner of graphic media created on paper.

At the foot of the stairs on your right are two works in a pen and wash illustrative style by David Webster, one with elements indicative of the sea, you can almost taste the salt and hear the seagulls squawk on the rooftops.

Jacqueline Devereux’s limited edition linocut of card players shows a rather witty take on the protagonists’ interaction with one another comically blending black and grey inks allowing the white paper to lift skin tones and highlights.

For London lovers, you may be tempted by Marion Wilcocks’ architectural studies of Vauxhall Bridge and The Shard, a speedy energetic pencil execution with a soft shower of swift ink lines lifting the graphite.

My favourite in the exhibition was Les Williams “Fishing Vessels” a lively pen and wash for only £160, mostly open and white, what made the work for me were the red splashes flush like cherry juice, light sienna pigments and the cobalt blue which morphs into indigo injecting a life and exciting the viewer to climb inside the frame.

"Malcolm's New Goatee" Chalk Coated card by Roger Lewis

“Malcolm’s New Goatee” Chalk Coated card by Roger Lewis

Others which caught my eye were Vincent Matthews’ monochrome etching and aquatint of Rye Salts, Sumi  Perera’s two embossed works one of which has a little square red window which flaps invitingly at the right of the deep black box frame, Anne Carpenter’s collage of fabric and paper of “Grapes” and Roger Lewis’ “Malcolm’s New Goatee” which is chalk coated card: white on black, where Malcolm’s hair is made up of little kiss like strokes and his musical staves seem to dance on his tunic. Before you leave make sure you stand for a while in front of Susan E Poole’s detailed pencil studies of “Bird skulls and Feather” and her “Rows of Keys”, where highlights and shape is crafted brilliantly with an eraser technique.

Paper Works, an exhibition of works created on paper, by members of the SGFA at the R K Burt Gallery, London, SW1

Paper Works, an exhibition of works created on paper, by members of the SGFA at the R K Burt Gallery, London, SW1

Collectors can buy the originals for fabulous prices, and if you only have a little budget then treat yourself to some of the various cards and prints are for sale. Artists can join the SGFA

“Paper Works” is on at the historic and family run R K Burt Gallery, 57 Union Street, London SE1 1SG until 26 July 2013.

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