REVIEW Art Vinyl- celebrating the best of Record Cover Art and Design 2012

Art Vinyl, St Martins Lane, London. Right next to Gymbox, you can't miss it.

Art Vinyl, St Martins Lane, London. Right next to Gymbox, you can’t miss it.

For just over one week, next to GymBox on St Martin’s Lane is a pop up Gallery, and an unexpected delight for all music lovers. I am a bit of a music vinyl nerd, I love collecting it and have about 10 foot worth of it in my house… maybe I need help… but I love the whole process of removing the black round vinyl from the sleeve and placing it on the rotating galaxy which spirals concerts, recording studios, gigs and voices from all over the world into my lounge. I’ve never tired of that magic. So it was a happy find that on my shoot along St Martin’s Lane I chanced upon this exhibition which is highlighting the most exciting record sleeves of the year and is one of the most important awards in the industry.

For those of us who are bit old school, there are bands I hadn’t heard of, but that isn’t the main vibe, it is the art of the sleeves that is celebrated here. My mother used to work in Polydor records and knew Jim Goff who designed some great covers. I caught the sleeve bug from her I think! In the exhibition here are 50 sleeve designs from across the world. Previous years winners included the fabulous Breugel inspired Fleet Foxes album which I treasure.

Art Vinyl, St Martins Lane, London

Art Vinyl, St Martins Lane, London

Andrew Heeps, the founder of Art Vinyl, is passionate about celebrating the “diverse, vibrant and different creative styles that still exist in record cover art and design.” As an artist and creative myself, it is good to see that this award is going from strength to strength and is encouraging aspirational creativity. I know I often write about creative collaboration, but some of the best  and rewarding partnerships are a merging of two creative individuals. Later this year I am producing the photography for a new album release with TKU based in LA, we are taking it one step further and producing a printed book with a CD at the back. So congratulations to Art Vinyl, which is a fabulous supportive and celebratory partnership that extols the union of musical and artistic creative energies. Long may it reign!

Get yourself down there before it closes on Sun 13 January. Winners are being picked on Thursday 10th January.

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One thought on “REVIEW Art Vinyl- celebrating the best of Record Cover Art and Design 2012

  1. Stafford Crombie on said:

    Inteligent, Passionate and Informative.

    The Art of Vinyl exhibition under the St. Martins Hotel inSt.Martins Lane London is a wonderful inspired concept and will helo to further the return of Vinyl to the mainstream music scene.
    The Vinyl Album Art is ofcourse the main draw here and it must be seen, collected and
    displayed in this way we truely appreciate the efforts of all the different Artists and Artistic styles Art brought together to

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