Mellow Sax

Sax Player

The mellow sounds echoed around the belly of the tunnel, sweeping their way along the path and the bricks and entwinned themselves with tourist footsteps and rhubarb conversation.

He stood in jean jacket, loose trousers, trilby and was lost in the rhythm of music, shuffling to and fro between the shafts of light streaming through the crumbling bridge.
I love London, I love its vibe, the contrast. This Saturday morning by the Thames, was full of bright sunshine, warm and optimistic. We had just walked through the engulfing aromatic bounty of the cheese stalls at Borough Market and were heading towards the wattle and daub resurrection, that is The Globe when this Sax guy just seemed to suddenly appear at the end of the tunnel.
If you get a chance, take the tube to London Bridge, then just stroll around, past Southwark Cathedral towards Borough Market, then towards the Thames. The pubs round there are great too (and there’s nothing like munching a piece of rich Alpine cheese as you over look the Thames, taking in the Gherkin and St Pauls). Go try it!

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